EPP Lunch Seminar- Guest Speaker Roxane Lavoie


EPP Students and Faculty please come to the EPP lunch seminar to enjoy delicious food, good company, and a fascinating talk by Post-Doctoral Researcher Roxane Lavoie.  Roxane will be leading a talk on planning for source water protection as well as the challenges and reflections to such planning.  Please see below for an abstract of her talk.

The water that we drink comes from multiples sources: lakes, streams, rivers and the ground. Almost any activity taking place on the land can adversely affect our drinking water. However, we still know very little about our source water. Groundwater data is especially scarce. As more and more information on source water is produced, we expect planners to use it to protect our precious water resources. But do they have the tools and resources to protect it adequately? This presentation will take a look at the challenges of source water protection with a focus on groundwater and reflect on possible solutions to facilitate the integration of source water protection into land planning.