Community Energy Innovations Symposium – Enabling Efficiency in Multifamily Housing

Sponsored/led by DUSP/EPP Energy Efficiency Strategy Project, with support from:
·         NStar Electric and Gas – Efficiency program
·         US Dept of Energy- Energy Data Initiative
·         City of Cambridge - Energy Alliance
·         Consider strategies to overcome energy efficiency market barriers in multifamily housing, through partnerships between cities and electric/gas utilities.
·         Discuss an experimental program design for Cambridge’s Central Square neighborhoods.

Presenters and discussants will include:
·         DUSP Cambridge Pilot Design Practicum
·         MIT Fraunhofer Center
·         MA Dept. of Energy Resources/Clean Energy Center
·         Efficiency service providers: Conservation Services Group, Next Step Living, New Ecology
·         Efficiency Research/Advocacy Organizations: Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
·         Sponsors: City of Cambridge, NStar, US DOE

Breakout discussions of: incentives and financing; community-based marketing; retrofit technology; disclosure, benchmarking and GIS mapping.

Contacts: Harvey Michaels  hgm@mit.edu   Brendan McEwen   bmcewen@mit.edu