UrbanAfrica Launches New Website

Apr 21, 2014. Posted by Phil Sunde

UrbanAfrica, a student organization in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, has launched a new website, accessible here. The purpose of UrbanAfrica is to explore the complexity of urban development in African cities and discuss strategies for engagement. Thr group is constituted as a space to explore research and practice-based interests, generate academic discussion, and elevate the analysis of African cities within DUSP and MIT more broadly. 

Professor Rajagopal on "Humanity denied"

Mar 12, 2014. Posted by Ezra Glenn

The Indian Express features an editorial by DUSP Professor Balakrishnan Rajagopal entitled "Humanity Denied," on the topic of the country's 2013 manual scavenging law.  In summary, the law "does not go far enough."

SPURS/Humphrey Profile: Sandra Gutierrez Poizat

Feb 08, 2014. Posted by Phil Sunde

Interview with Sandra Gutierrez Poizat, 2013-2014 Humphrey Fellow, El Salvador

SPURS/Humphrey Profile: Latha Chhetri

Dec 18, 2013. Posted by Phil Sunde

Interview with Latha Chhetri, 2013-2014 Humphrey Fellow, Bhutan

Displacement Research and Action Network Website Launched

Dec 05, 2013. Posted by Ezra Glenn

The Displacement Research and Action Network, based at MIT, is a global network on displacement and land rights that brings together activists, academics and policy makers to build new theory and evidence of the increase and intensity of mass internal displacement around the world due to development, conflict or climate disaster.

IDG Participatory Budgeting

Nov 27, 2013. Posted by Phil Sunde

IDG began the 2013-2014 school year with a participatory budgeting process meant to increase student involvement in program group planning and financing. For students working in international contexts and committed to addressing issues of equity and governance, this offered an opportunity to experience and participate in an increasingly common practice in democratic deliberation and decision-making that many IDG students have encountered in their course of study.

Prof Rajagopal's oped on Sanitation in India

Sep 17, 2013. Posted by Phil Sunde

Prof Rajagopal has an oped in the Tuesday, September 17th, issue of The India Express. In The Gritty Detail, he writes about sanitation issues in India and of the need for better sanitation policies to support the manual scavenging laws. The full article is available at the link.



Students Create "Energy for Human Development" Group

Sep 13, 2013. Posted by Ezra Glenn

Nearly 1.3 billion people live without electricity in the developing world — contributing to other vital social challenges, such as a lack of food and water and adequate healthcare. Seeing the need for a more collaborative approach to confronting the developing world’s energy challenge, students at MIT have started a new group, called Energy for Human Development (or e4Dev).

DUSP Newest Faculty Member: Jinhua Zhao

Aug 27, 2013. Posted by Ezra Glenn

Starting Fall 2013, Jinhua Zhao is the Edward H. and Joyce Linde Career Development Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at DUSP. He holds Master of Science, Master of City Planning and Ph.D. degrees from MIT and a Bachelor's degree from Tongji University. He studies travel behavior and transportation policy, public transit management, and China’s urbanization and mobility. He sees transportation as a language, to describe a person, to characterize a city, and to understand an institution.

IDG Student Profile: Deepak Lamba-Nieves

Feb 12, 2013. Posted by Jody Pollock

In the fourth IDG student profile, we meet fifth-year PhD student Deepak Lamba-Nieves as he reflects on his time at DUSP, his plans for the future and what it means to study international development within a city planning context. 


1. What were you doing before you came to DUSP?