Danya Rumore named a 2014 Global Fellow

Mar 11, 2014. Posted by Takeo Kuwabara

Danya Rumore has been selected for the 2014 Global Fellows Program. The Global Fellows Program, a collaboration between MIT and Imperial College London, trains PhD students to create, sustain, and lead successful international research collaborations. Through presentations, interactive work and hands-on activities, PhD students from both schools will develop professional skills required to launch and manage a successful research career.

2013 Judges' Choice Award for Enabling Adaptation Contest

Mar 11, 2014. Posted by Takeo Kuwabara

In the autumn of 2012, the Climate CoLab opened up 18 contests, each focused on a challenge the world is facing as we confront climate change. By June 15, nearly 400 proposals had been submitted from around the world, by non-profits, entrepreneurs, scholars and climate experts, students, business people, and concerned citizens. Proposals championed new technologies, community projects, online apps and websites, marketing strategies, business ideas, and government initiatives.

JoAnn Carmin: helping cities plan for climate change

Feb 18, 2014. Posted by Ezra Glenn

A recent installment of MIT News "3 Questions"  by Peter Dizekes features DUSP Professor JoAnn Carmin on helping cities plan for climate change.  Visit the MIT News site to read her answers to the following questions:

DUSP NECAP Project Featured in ecoRI News

Jan 09, 2014. Posted by Ezra Glenn

The online ecoRI News site article "Climate-Change Games" feautres an in-depth report on the progress of the New England Climate Adaptation Project (NECAP) — a partnership between the DUSP/MIT's Science Impact Collaborative, the Consensus Building Institute and the National Estuarine Research Reserve System.  As the article describes, NECAP is collaborating with four at-risk coastal New England communities to assess local

EPP alum Eric Mackres is doing some exciting work with the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy!

Sep 18, 2013. Posted by Zenab Tavakoli

EPP alum Eric Mackres is doing some exciting work with the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy!

Judy Layzer named Director of Martin Fellows

Aug 29, 2013. Posted by Eran Ben-Joseph

Judy Layzer will be taking over as director of the MIT Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability, a program supporting a multi-disciplinary research of environmental sustainability at the graduate level.  Martin Fellows are dedicated to a collaborative approach to the critical issues associated with environmental sustainability.

Examining Large-Scale Irrigation

Aug 21, 2013. Posted by Ezra Glenn

An MIT team is providing new understanding of the growing interconnections among three critical resources: energy, water and food. The work focuses on Pakistan's Indus Basin, where irrigation water is increasingly pumped from underground, a practice that is intensifying a preexisting shortage of energy.

Funding clean-energy solutions

May 20, 2013. Posted by Ezra Glenn

The sixth annual MIT Clean Energy Prize (CEP) competition, held Monday night, awarded a total of $320,000 to five teams that have developed clean-energy startups and innovations.

The contest, co-sponsored by Massachusetts utility NSTAR and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and open to teams from any American university, is the nation’s leading student-run energy business-plan competition. Past participants have gone on to raise a total of $130 million in funding.

At MIT, Gov. Deval Patrick highlights clean-energy achievements

Apr 27, 2013. Posted by Ezra Glenn

In an Earth Day address at MIT in 2008, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick outlined an ambitious set of goals that he said could achieve significant reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions and create businesses and jobs based on clean-energy solutions. In a follow-up talk this week, he described a series of successes in achieving these goals.

MIT Team Wins "Better Buildings Case Competition" (again)

Mar 12, 2013. Posted by Ezra Glenn

The US Dept of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge is an effort to reduce the energy use of commercial buildings by 20% by 2020 by catalyzing private-sector investment and innovation.  DOE and its “Challenge Partners” are developing replicable solutions to the barriers faced by building owners as they adopt energy efficient practices in their commercial building stocks.