Waste To Place

Waste To Place
A New Model For Reclamation in the American West

Booklet One
To visually introduce the scales and types of abandoned
mining sites across the United States, measure their
unique landscape qualities, and describe the processes
of mine reclamation to the general public. A brief
background and history section details the efforts to
reclaim mining sites along French Gulch in Breckeridge,
Colorado and transform the area into a sustainable new


Booklet Two
To provide the Wellington Neighborhood, the Town of
Breckenridge, Colorado and Summit County, Colorado
with a visioning tool for integrating open space and
landscape design in new development on former mining
areas; second, to use this project as a case study, for
application on any landscape revitalization project on
former mining sites whereby ecological design and
planning can be more effectively integrated with
remediation and environmental cleanup activities.


Title Waste To Place
Authors Alan Berger, Case Brown, Victor Ketellapper
Type of Publication
Date of Publication
Jun 1, 2012
MIT Department of Urban Studies & Planning, with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 Superfund Group
Cambridge, MA