Do we have an accurate map of the relationship between cities, coastlines, resiliency, and land reclamation?

DUSP's Brent Ryan, Fadi Masoud (University of Toronto), and the MIT Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism are seeking to explore this relationship via an innovative approach to traditional case study models.

With funding from the Samuel Tak Lee MIT Real Estate Entrepreneurship Lab, these collaborators are producing a case-study-atlas of coastal development projects, examining 21 Chinese urban projects on reclaimed land. They are using this innovative format to highlight how complications of climate change, as well as economic, social, and environmental risks can be approached as drivers of integration to produce occasions to design novel, resilient development projects.

To learn more about the atlas and the background behind the project, read Masoud's piece for the University of Toronto, here.

The beta version of the atlas is available here.