Steven Johnson: Peer-to-Peer Politics, CDD Fall Forum.

Peer-to-Peer Politics: Moving Beyond Left and Right 

An election even conversation with author Steven Johnson and Harvard Law Professors Larry Lessig and Yochai Benkler & Susan Crawford. 

The market versus the state. Big capital versus big government. Just about everything we talk about in politics today revolves around those two poles. What if there's a third option? Instead of those two, creaky old monoliths, imagine a web of collaboration that's neither market nor state where no one is in charge because everyone is in charge. In his new book, "Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked World," author Steven Johnson argues that the core principles that apply to the design and function of the Internet could be applied to solving many different kinds of problems, across dozens of sectors, including cities. What if the most powerful tool to advance the cause of social progress is the peer-to-peer network? Join hosts Aaron Naparstek of MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning and Ethan Zuckerman of the MIT Media Lab for an election eve conversation with three leading thinkers on the Internet and society.