Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Architectural Design Stream

Architectural Design is taught from a broad range of perspectives linking several common concerns: site and context, use and form, building methods and materials, design methodologies, and the role of the architect in a changing society and world. The undergraduate studio sequence begins with instruction in design fundamentals and continues with design projects on increasingly complexity.

BSA: Major in Architectural Design


Year 1

  • Freshman Seminar in Architecture (Fall)
  • 4.111 Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design (HASS-A) (Spring)

Year 2

  • 4.112 Architecture Design Fundamentals I (Fall)
  • 4.401 Architecture Building Systems (Fall)
  • 4.500 Introduction to Design Computing (Fall)
  • 4.113 Architecture Design Fundamentals II (Spring)
  • 4.302 Foundation in the Visual Arts & Design (CI-M) (Spring)
  • 4.440 Building Structural Systems I (may fulfill REST requirement for GIR) (Spring)

Year 3

  • 4.114 Architecture Design Studio (CI-M) (Fall)
  • 4.603 Analysis of Contemporary Architecture (HASS-A) (Fall)
  • *4.411 D-Lab Schools: Building Technology Laboratory (may fulfill Lab requirement for GIR) (Fall)
  • 4.115 Architecture Design Studio II (Spring)
  • 4.605 Introduction to the History and Theory of Architecture (HASS-A) (Spring)

Year 4

  • 4.116 Architecture Design Studio III (Fall)
  • *4.119 Preparation for Undergraduate Design Thesis (Fall)
  • *4.THU Undergraduate Thesis (Spring)

*Optional but recommended subjects